Technology and Services

Efficient woodworking and sawmill for woodworking, in Arzachena

Thanks to its in-house joinery and sawmill installations, Pirina Legnami of Arzachena, in the province of Sassari, is able to offer various woodworking services to meet the needs of both corporate and private customers. Pirina Legnami has a production department with the most sophisticated machinery available, operated by highly qualified and experienced staff for over twenty years now. The materials processed by Arzachena's professionals throughout the province of Sassari include chestnut wood, which is the flagstone material for the company's production, but also iroko and oak, as well as typical Sardinian wood such as juniper and olive.

Woodworking equipment

Our joinery uses planers, band saws and other highly professional equipment in our work to ensure precise and accurate woodworking. Thanks to the industrial planing plant of Pirina Legnami in Arzachena, you can also request that we process the wood of your choice to make it smooth and suitable for any kind of interior.

Timber transport and consultancy

In addition to our carpentry and sawmill services, Pirina Legnami also offers free quotes and consultations, dealing firsthand with the transport of materials on lorries and trucks. The Arzachena company also has a wide range of fixing products such as nails and various other fasteners, chemical adhesives, silicones, and coatings for the best brands available on the market.

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