From gazebos to verandas, we do it all in high quality wood in Costa Smeralda

Pirina Legnami is a company based in Arzachena, Costa Smeralda, that specializes in the sale of construction timber and chestnut beams of any shape and length. Located in the splendid Costa Smeralda, the company has been the leader in this industry for more than thirty years, offering an range of products to meet all customer requirements.

Pirina Legnami not only sells the raw product (ie with round sections) but also the material that is then transformed with sawing and planing equipment. The whole of Sardinia can count on us. We give life to durable wood concepts that emphasize versatility, quality, beauty and sturdiness.
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Our company provides a wide range of lumber including high quality juniper, chestnut and most commonly laminated wood in various dimensions and customizations. Our raw material is perfect for:

Woodcrafting as a hobby

Pirina Legnami's professional staff has years of experience in woodworking and are always on top of innovations in the industry. They offer innovative and functional solutions that meet every need. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, and a deep passion for our craft, our staff can provide you with wide range of joinery products ranging from various types of sliding gates to the fronts of pergolas and sheds to car seats.
Our firm specializes in the processing of chestnut wood, and, has a family tradition with extensive knowledge about wood and its various applications. We continue to guarantee products of unmatched quality. We have earned our great reputation throughout the Costa Smeralda. The pantograph of Salvatore Pirina, founder of our family-run company, on the juniper gates of the various mansions in the area, have become a symbol of refinement and high quality products.
To find out more about our woodwork products, please contact us at +39 0789 98919!
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